29 Apr 2013

Testimonial – David Lorimer

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Royadie Developments has used Jeremy from EarthImage Landscaping, on the last 2 Developments. These Developments consisted of 10 upmarket Town House, where the landscaping had to be up to the same high standard.

Jeremy achieved the brief within budget and within the tight time frame we placed on him. He was professional, honest, hardworking, and a pleasure to work with. He new his plants and ensured all planting was carried out correctly using the correct soils, and fertilisers to ensure every plant survived. He also installed all the underground watering system to both these Developments.

All the feed back from our clients who moved into the Town Houses has been positive. The general consensus from the Real estate Agents and the Council was that the landscaping was far superior to anything being done on the Peninsula.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jeremy to any one who was considering having a landscape project done.


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