02 Aug 2013

Testimonial – Doyle

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I write in support of Mr. Jeremy Copp and Earthlmage Landscaping.

ln October 2013, I finally decided to go ahead with my decision to build a swimming pool in my back garden commencing early December.  This of course involved a “Pool Builder/Excavator”; plumbers; electricians; pool fencing and all attending labourers, as well as Council Permits etc.  Whilst also realising that there would be “some landscaping” required I soon realised that this in fact would prove to be an important and significant part of the entire process!

Being “new” to Geelong I had no knowledge or contacts of those very people I required and so began the lengthy selection process. Putting aside the other “Pool” providers for now I shall address the “Landscaping” rnatter.

I rang every advertiser in the local Geelong News and The Independent and local Yellow Pages.  The results were less than satisfactory with the sole exception of  Earthlmage Landscaping.  As I said I rang all the advertisers and left a message with their answering machines to call me back.  Unbelievably only two did so! One said that he was “too busy at the moment” but that he “could fit me in come January 2014” !! The other, fortunately, was Jeremy.

Jeremy arranged to get together with me imrnediately for an initial meeting.  He carefully noted my needs and made some suggestions that really helped me out in understanding the extent of work involved.  He said he would (and did) follow up with a written quote covering initial tiling needs and planting ideas.

Jeremy stayed in constant contact with me to ensure that I always knew what was going on. He also arranged a Concreter to work with himself and the Pool Fence people, becoming a pseudo site foreman that the other workers went to if I wasn’t around.  Jeremy anticipated my needs in advance and worked accordingly.  In bullet point format he:

  • Helped me select the correct style and colour of the Pool Tiles
  • Liaised with myself and the Concreter to achieve the same
  • Installed free standing cascading Water Feature into the Pool
  • Bricked in and rejuvenated the front garden flower bed
  • Laid Pittosporurn beds and mulch along the front fence
  • Laid Red Flax plants and mulched the full length of the rear fence
  • Laid Rockery and Nandia plants along the Gate-Side of the Pool fence

I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending Jeremy and Earthlmage Landscaping for any of your garden needs.  He displays a strong level of competence, empathy and professionalism rarely seen in young workers these days.  He is efficient, timely and holds a strong work ethic.

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